Too the extreme!!!

So I am sure by now a lot of you have heard about Facebook, Youtube banning a lot of well-known alt-right pages. Now I am going to say right now, I LOATHE and DESPISE ANY extremist of any group. Right or Left, Feminist or MRA, Christian or Muslim, Vegan or…not very vegan?lol…Kind of like those meat eaters that eat something raw just to make the vegans mad,lol…Those “not very vegan” people,lol.

However, getting back on topic…

With the bans what infuriated me was the protection and the Freedom of Speech these extreme alt-right were getting, ESPECIALLY from the POTUS. Alex Jones put a target on DEAD AMERICAN CHILDREN and their surviving families. For myself, someone who wants to protect someone being able to do that to DEAD CHILDREN, rather than protect the DEAD CHILDREN and their families. Says to me a lot about what kind of human being you are.

Freedom of Speech, does not = Freedom of Consequences or Freedom of being banned for ignoring the Terms and Services of a business. I wonder how many of these “Freedom” people were all for the Christian baker not making the “gay” cake? I wonder how many of these same people said that the Baker HAS to make the gay cake? So far, I haven’t found a single one,lol

If I had a supporter who did that to DEAD AMERICAN CHILDREN (or any dead child) and their surviving families. I would be 100% behind banning them.

The reason I am writing DEAD AMERICAN CHILDREN in capitals, is because I think some of Jones’s supporters forget that he did do this. Families are STILL having to move around because of him.

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