Let the dead rest?

I got so angry the other day and I thought to myself, am I making too much of myself? But then I thought…Nah,lol

The situation is basically this: Aaron Hernandez was an American football player. He’s also known for committing suicide while in jail. Being in jail for the possible murder, or at least the cover up of the murder of Odin Lloyd. Actually it seems he was convicted for the murder of Odin Lloyd. If you want to read more about it you can read it here.

What upset me though was an entertainment news “talking” about it on their Instagram account. It was asking people if they thought that Hernandez is guilty or not. The majority of people kept talking about how we should let him rest. I don’t know why I got so explicitly angry. I got annoyed by how people just dismissed Odin Lloyds family and friends. They can’t get the answers they want, the person who could have answered those questions is gone.

Am I getting to cynical?

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