In this day and age

  • There is no excuse to not talk to someone. We have more ways of communicating than ever before. (This clearly does not apply to people who are mentally finding it tough to reach out. This more towards people who don’t want to know the truth, and gossipers).
  • There is no excuse to not find out information BEFORE you make comments on something.  There are so many ways to research something, anything.
  • When someone does reach out, there really is no excuse to keep lying.

4 thoughts on “In this day and age

  1. I could not agree more! I just wanted to check, as this post seems a little different to most of your others (even your “cynical” one where you weren’t cynical at all!) and I just wanted to ask if you were okay?? If you ever want to talk, I can give you my private email. I’m not the fastest responder because of my health, but I will be there for you. I hope you’re okay and I’m just reading into things because my period is gonna come (can feel that fucker there, it’s like waiting to be beheaded, cause you know it’s gonna happen but when!?)

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      1. I’m glad! Sometimes we need a good cry. I know more than once I’ve put on a movie I know will make me cry just to like unleash everything. But please know that it’s an open offer, and you don’t have to ever explain, you can just ask.
        I’m glad someone was there for you ❤

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