Sad? Scared? It’s still okay!

This is kind of a “run on” from my other post “This why we can’t have nice things”…Am I the only one getting seriously over people telling other people, usually strangers, what someone can be scare of sad about?

I write this post, because I finally…nearly, lost it on line with someone. I did say “God damn, I am over people telling others how to feel”. There is an amazing artist I follow on Instagram, I am pretty sure he is German. However, he decided to come out, and he’s only been out for a couple of months. This one person started going about how it’s literally the safest time it’s ever been to “come out” and they are over the victim-hood. That there are actual dangerous situations out there

Like, shut up, alright? Are these people actually kidding me?

You’ve got the situation in Brunei

You have the situation in Russia, with not only LGBT being arrested for protesting, but allies as well.

The White House has banned transgender people from the Military.

People are still being kicked out from their homes when they come out.

While it might be “safer” it’s not exactly safe by miles now, is it? Not when you’ve got leaders making it easier to discriminate and harm the LGBT community.

It doesn’t matter anyway. We have NO right to tell other people how to feel about something so momentous. Why do people keep saying that “Well you can’t be sad about that…There’s real tragedies going on”. Go screw yourselves! When we don’t have to have people feel like they have to “come out”, then that’ll be when we know real progress.

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