Recently I got into a “discussion” on The Fitness Marshall Instagram page (love him) He is kissing his partner near the lawn of the White House and said “Here you go Pence” or something similiar…Oh my god…The haters! People who follow him, they know he’s gay, calling him disrespectful.

One of them they said though “Pence hasn’t changed anything to the LGBT (which is true, he’s done nothing…because he actually can’t). Also though they said “Just because Pence doesn’t agree with you, doesn’t mean he doesn’t respect you”. Which would normally I would totally agree. You don’t have to agree with someone to respect them.


When someone is actively trying to make your life harder, try to make Laws that forbid you from getting married, trying to put Laws into place that make it easier for people to discriminate against you. Laws that make it virtually impossible for you to adopt…That is NOT respect.

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