Happy Birthday too me?

So I’m not exactly 100% sure if this is actually Happy Birthday or Happy =( Birthday…My cholesterol is a funny thing. I think genetically both on my Mums and my Dads side they have it. A couple of months ago I go my cholesterol checked, then I thought I’d get it rechecked because it was a fasting test. An hour before I did the test, I had a cup of tea. So my Doctor and I decided it’d be best to have a redo. It went up! I wish I had stuck with the previous results!lol…The tests were only a couple of weeks apart.

Today, one day after my birthday, I am off to see a dietitian and a exercisiologist. Instead of hoping on the drugs straight away,lol

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I’m actually kind of excited, because I do feel like I need a change in my lifestyle. About 3 years ago now I developed sciatica and it was bad. I put on weight and got lazy. The doctors would give me pain medication, and it’d take the pain away, but not the sciatica. I used to be able to walk really fast (I used to do Ballet) can’t anymore. I used to love snacking on fruit and vegetables…Now I snack on chips and biscuits…Almost like an addiction I’d say.



26 thoughts on “Happy Birthday too me?

      1. its my pleasure thati am wishing some one.I know the pain when its your birthday and no one wish you…❤

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      2. thankyou… i am from India..

        i am happy that you replied.. you know mostly people on social sites are not like to reply. i dont know when they dont like to talk why yhey are on social sites as they are not social.. but i am happy you replied.. thankyou my dear friend.. on this birthday how old you are ?❤

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      3. hahaa!! right.. actuly i never had any girlfriend so i didnt know..
        any ways hpw are you my frirnd ?

        what do you do ??


      4. Acruly i also like tea more then coffee.. but i think perhapes you like cooffee thats why i said..❤❤

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      5. nice.. its is so great to celebrate with family.. people have family are so lucky.
        i wish may be i also have but …😭

        i pray to God to Give you all joy and happiness.

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