Being a Taurus Woman

If you are not interested in Astrology and their “meanings”. I’d suggest you look away now and stop reading. I do follow Astrology to an extent, not so much the daily stuff. It’s too vague, but I have a moon/planet chart and I definitely do feel like a “Taurus”.

So what do you think being a Taurus woman is about? Do you follow your Astrology sign at all?

Every day there’s something new about what being a particular “Astrology sign” is all about. So here a few that I can absolutely agree with.

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  • The first one that I can say without a doubt, is that Taurus’s are stubborn. You probably wont a more stubborn lot in your life. Myself, one of my cousins and a family friend and I are all Taurus’s. We are all annoyingly stubborn and it’s probably the biggest thing we all admit too. The rest may be true and not for others.
  • One of the ones that bug me, that is about expensive taste. It’s true! I don’t always buy the most expensive item, but I always know which one it is!
  • Another trait I dislike, is jealousy. I know I am. Usually though that’s also how I know that I really like someone. The thing is though once you can acknowledge something like jealousy, you can always work on it.
  • The one that makes me laugh the most is always about “seduction”. I am the WORST seducer ever. I start giggling whenever I try, I can’t help it.
  • One of the truer ones though is that physical touching is something that Tauruses enjoy. Not, in the “sexy” sense. When I’m comfortable, especially my romantic relationships. I LOVE the cuddling and the hugging. Even though, on average, I detest it. It’s weird,lol
  • Taurus woman tend to be very loyal and rarely, if at all, cheat. The problem is the Taurus men I know, they have cheated on all their partners.

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