So it’s been kind of a bad day

A few years ago Australia voted for #lovewins. Where Australia voted to legalise lgbtq marriage. Love Wins is what people used when it was voted Yes…Australia and Love wins that day.

Over night while you’ve all been sleeping, NSW voted, for their state elections. Now we are having a federal election in May, where we vote for a new prime minister. However, over night NSW decided to stick with it’s conservative. It’s upset a lot of people because they just assume (like I’m sure a lot of you all do) NSW (aka Sydney) is overly progressive…NSW is NOT a progressive state and I realised this when we had the #lovewins vote (which is why I brought it up).

NSW, although did vote “Yes” They also only JUST voted Yes in NSW. NSW had the lowest voters for Yes out of the whole country. NSW have the biggest parades, the biggest parties, they have the Mardi Gras but that means nothing when your also the state with the most rich, “scared” and white people in the country.

The day after the Christchurch/New Zealand mass shootings. For some unknown reason, the Sydney television AND radio shows had members from One Nation on. For those who don’t know, One Nation is probably our racist “party”. One member decided to put in a policy to say “It’s okay to be white”. The leader of One Nation came dressed in a Burqa, and was subsequently laughed at. You might have heard of #eggboy? A young kid egged a One Nation senator, because the senator basically said that the Muslim people had it coming. Which is why eggboy is such a hero in Australia. Now one of them has gained a seat.

I think it’s very safe to say now that NSW is not a progressive state. You’d think it would be though? Clearly not ALL NSW though,lol

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