Music Festivals and Drugs

You might have heard of Music Festivals complaining that added charges to tickets are running them out of business. Now these added charges, are being added to supply for more police, sniffer dogs etc, as we are consistently having our young Australians die from drug overdoses.

I feel like the police would never win in this situation. There would be complaints if they weren’t there more and then there’ll be complaints if they are there. What about the drug dealers though? I don’t see people really complaining that? Where are these people coming from anyway? I’ve been to a couple of music festivals and I never encountered one, so I’m wondering if these people who overdosed already knew the people? I’ve known people who do drugs, who go to these festivals and they may have done them before they’ve gone in, but I’ve never been offered them. Adelaide is not that big of a town.

What about yourselves? Would you want a increase of police or not?

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