New Zealand <3

I’m at work and I had an entirely different Blog setup, so hopefully I get to finish what I write.

I cannot believe what’s happening in New Zealand right now, Christchurch. Trying not to cry at work, is incredibly hard. I cannot believe it, but at the same time I can. You hear all the time now how alt-right violence is on the rise.

For this not to be called a terrorist attack, is disgusting, not surprising. That’s what so sad. They must have been planning this attack for months, and I am willingly to be no one was watching them. 3 men and one woman have been taken into custody at this time.

This is not a time for left vs right, this is a time for “This is just flat out wrong”.

Too find out as well that one of them at least, live streamed this…They are going to Hell.

I hold Facebook accountable, I hold every single person who have attacked Muslim people accountable. I hold Twitter accountable for consistently giving into to racists. I hold people like Laura Loomer, Milo Yiannoplus, Candace Owen. I hold the PM of Australia and the immigration minister accountable.


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