I am thinking more along Facebook and Instagram…Why is it the people who unfollow you, are never the people who you want to unfollow you? Then when they do, it always has to be dramatic. Those people, you know the “I just got rid of a lot of people off my friends list, feel lucky that you are still on my list”. I hate those people, even when I am still on the list,lol. Why do they insist on always making it public as well?

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My “best friend” blocked me for saying I don’t want to be treated like crap anymore, and I didn’t shed a tear. No offence, I’m probably not going to get that upset about you. If you’re someone I admire, I might, mainly from disappointment though, if you haven’t told me why you unfollowed. I’m just not that “invested” these days.


4 thoughts on ““Followers”

  1. A ‘really good friend’ of mine deleted me off Facebook recently – after she sent me a spate of offensive texts that I wouldn’t respond to. I was sad at first because I’ve known her since childhood. But my REAL friends reminded me that I just don’t need that drama in my life. And they’re right so good riddance! And as for the ones who delete people and then have to announce it, well they just sound so full of self- importance. I would delete them for that alone!

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    1. Oh my god ex friends are just the worse! I had said on my Facebook that after my huge anxiety attack, I literally could not afford to be treated like poop anymore. Next thing I know I’m being accused of being this rotten human being and they don’t like the way I’ve treated them. Then I got blocked and I know why because of course my question was going to be “What on God’s green earth, had I ever done to them?”. They don’t like being attacked, except it wasn’t about them, it was just a general note about myself and what I needed in life now.
      Good riddance to bad drama!lol

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