International Women’s Day

What is it to be a woman? I don’t know, I don’t know if I’m grown up enough yet to be a “Woman” ~.^ Before anyone complains (not that any of my readers would, they have more common sense than that) there is a International Men’s Day too. This year it’s on Tuesday 19th November.

I think at this moment, it’s all just hard to be male or female, white or POC. Everyone’s too offended, everyone keeps getting frustrated that you can’t really have deep and meaningful conversation over Twitter.

Too be a woman right now, only from my personal perspective as one. Someone I actually don’t like very much actually said it best.  It’s interesting being a woman these days because by the same person we can both be a “whore” and at the same time completely “frigid”. As horrible as that sounds, and yes, woman are known for being multi tasked talented. It’s completely true.

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We keep being called too emotional and then at the same time sociopath, if we’re not too emotional. My weird cousin called my mum that a few weeks ago, which is really funny when you know him. I don’t know if I ever told you readers, what my weird cousin did to my Mum (nothing physical) If he does it again though, I am calling the police whether my Mum wants it or not. Where I’m going with that though, we get called the complete opposites of each other. Even though usually it’s the other way around. For example, my weird cousin is the sociopath not her. He cheats, he stalks his partners, but he’ll go around telling everyone how they did it.

That’s what it’s like to be a woman…Exhausting, because other people who don’t know who we are, somehow, at the same time, we are the complete opposite of ourselves, but still told by others who we are.

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Confused yet?lol

It gets better!I am sure men have experienced this too, but it’s happened to me a few times.

A few years ago now, I had just broken up with a real douche of a guy, who was dating someone actually really nice.  So it felt nice when I started to flirt with one particular person. Wasn’t interested in dating, wasn’t romantically interested in him. Just someone who was good at flirting. Now, there was another guy I was so not totally interested in at all and had already turned down at least three different times. One night my ex was all “She’d never sleep with the good flirt guy” so I did,lol … The deed was never completed because I wasn’t that attracted to him, and he did stop when I said, so that was all good.

I kid you not two…maybe three days later…I get tagged in a post on Facebook saying how girls always complain there are no good guys out there and end up dating the jerks, and all my guy “friends” including the guy I had already turned down three times and guys I don’t even know liked it. One even said “How does the burn feel”…WHAT BURN?  1) Still didn’t want to date anyone. 2) One night stands does not mean I promised to the guy and 3) I have never said that, because I know good guys, I just used to go for the party extrovert type, because I am not. What was even sadder was my ex-boyfriends new girlfriend was the only who stood up for me! I still appreciate that.

Fast Forward a couple of years later.

A younger more sexually, engaged already girl comes into the group. She swears, she pole dances everything I’m the opposite of really. I’d pole dance, but I have sciatic -.- She dates half the group, teases the other half, gets engaged twice, sleeps with her ex-finance best friends. Relationships ruined so badly that her brother isn’t allowed to talk to his own group of friends, the group he introduced her too. Yet, no public shaming. No, what is wrong with girls? And they still all really want her? Because god forbid they have the ability to be friends with two girls *rolls eyes*lol

That’s what it’s liked to be a girl…Exhausting, because you are never actually sure what you’re doing,lol…I had learnt from previous situations to just…

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Didn’t question why she gets treated better than me, when she’s doing way worse things then me, she slept with a married man for pete sake. Just backed away. Haven’t really communicated with any of them since,lol…It was funny because they just played themselves. Why would I date anyone who called themselves a “good guy” and then tried to shame me into dating them. When they tagged me in that, I made a vow to never date anyone from that group ever again and I never did. Most of them are still single.

What’s it like being a woman? Constantly watching douche bags out douche themselves,lol

You can sleep with that person, not that one, that one. You’re too emotional, you’re a sociopath, you’re a whore, your frigid

Welcome to a woman’s world,lol

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