11 thoughts on “I don’t love the way you lie…

  1. I’m with you here, there are ome on here I would like to read and haven’t but wouldn’t lie about it… Also there’s some on here I’m like meh- take it away!

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      1. Well, I’m not that interested in 1984, it just sounds depressing,lol…I don’t think I’ve heard of Catch 22? I could be wrong though. I like all the Tolkien books, except for the ones ‘edited’ by Christopher Tolkien.


    1. My mum bought the series, but I didn’t read any of it. She ended up not liking it, hehe. I don’t understand the hype about it, but I’m sure there are things I read that people don’t understand either, hehe

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      1. Well when I first got it, I honestly didn’t realize exactly what it was. Like I knew it was erotic, but I didn’t think it would be as raunchy as it was, or so poorly written! Lol.

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