I agree

*nods head*

Bill and Melinda Gates says that marrying the right person is more important than your career

I find it true because if you have the right person, then they can support you in your career. I know of a person who got married to someone whose chosen career meant they were more than likely going to be travelling a lot and the other worked in retail. Then came the time when they realised they were to going have to move, the marriage lasted only a year after that.

I never understood why they got married, when one person wasn’t really willing to make the commitment, and it was obvious. It’s interesting though because the person not willing to move is still single. The one with the career, is now in a happy relationship.

Whereas my cousin who works in retail, is married to a Doctor. My cousin understood early on that he was probably going to have to move, and since he worked in retail (like the other person) it was easier for him to come with, rather than stay. They are still going strong.

Basically it is more important to have the right partner than a job, otherwise there will be no marriage.


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