Good News Update

Thought I’d share with you all an amazing update on my puppy!…Well my 13 year old “puppy” We took her to the vets, and we finally got the Vet we all adore. This would be a big reason why. Sometimes you have to get a second and third opinion. The first vet, we had to take her to another vet, because our regular was closed. She wanted to put her down then and there. So glad I listened to myself and did not allow that too happen!

SO we went back to our regular vet. She explained to us that it is neurological (we guessed that one already). So she decided to give her a dash of steroids to, hopefully, increase her appetite. I believe it was to also help shrink something? Also though, she gave her Valium, to help her sleep. As my doggo was walking around in circles and was having trouble being comfortable.

So the Vet gave her the shot of steroids and we gave her the Valium, a little later, with some food. She passed right out about an hour later.

Come to the next morning, it was like we had out Dog back! She woke my mum with a waggy tail, licking her face, she’s a little wobbly still. She is so good, she ran down the stairs, when she could barely look up…and ran into the door…But she was all good again!lol…Then the best thing she ate all her dog biscuits! She hasn’t eaten her biscuits all week. It’s been wonderful!

I love the Vet! I want to marry her. Our regular vet is so smart and lovely. We had to go to another vet, because our regular vet was closed for the day and we knew we had to get our dog to the Vets. If we had listened to that vet, we would have no dog right now. So glad we decided not too. Today has been wonderful ❤

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