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Diversity is an American value. It’s what makes any country awesome.

via Diversity Is Awesome — The Tony Burgess Blog

*Just a reminder, that I am not American, but this is beautiful. Australia is starting to face the reality as well that our Prime Minister, is an idiot,lol*


3 thoughts on “Diversity Is Awesome — The Tony Burgess Blog

  1. No. Diversity is what destroys nations. It can never make them great. It is similarity, unity, and purity of ideology (at least in a general sense) that makes nations great and that, not diversity is an American value.

    Of course, by that I mean the new identitarian definition of diversity, not just relatively cosmetic differences between groups of similarly assimilated people.


      1. President Trump has done better at fulfilling his campaign promises, e.g., moving the Embassy to Jerusalem, lowering taxes, reducing federal regulations, and even border security, than any POTUS in living memory.

        As for nations destroyed by diversity: Belgium, Most of Sub-Saharan Africa (Not their fault really), European nations are headed that way and so is the US… and Australia’s not going to last long either unless things change.

        But remember, I’m speaking of the trend to place Identity, normally based upon race or original / ancestral ethnicity over assimilation into a nation’s culture, not superficial things.


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