What I have to stop doing in 2019

  • Asking people if my Blog changes will be alright with people,lol…If you all don’t like it, you know where the unfollow button is,lol.
  • Replying to anything that annoys me, instead of just scrolling past.
  • Trying to change the minds of Trump supporters and wasting my time…If they are still supporting, there’s nothing.
  • Too stop worrying…I remember a couple of years ago someone asked me “Are you a Warrior or a Worrier?” Straight up said “Worrier”….Not joke. I am very lucky
  • Stop from stopping myself…I have to learn to go more with flow.
  • I stole this one, but to stop finding excuses to not move my body every day. My hip is so stiff at the moment and I don’t know why. I had sciatica a couple of years and I am so worried it’s coming back.
  • Stop telling myself it’s all easier said than done…and DO IT!

Stop It Nikki Glaser GIF by Comedy Central Stand-Up - Find & Share on GIPHY


5 thoughts on “What I have to stop doing in 2019

  1. Brilliant list, I think these are things we should all adopt, I especially need to do the first and last ones. 😊😊😊

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