Share Your World, 7/1/19

Share Your World

Share Your World – 1-7-19

Questions This Week:

Did you have to help out with chores when you were growing up?  If so, what were you assigned to do?

My brother and I were both supposed to it, he never did it. It was always me. I actually wrote about this a few days ago in another post “Why don’t you know?“. The adults in my family never made my brother do anything, and he still got the same amount of pocket money still. I basically ended up doing a bit of everything. Sometimes I would leave it for a few days in the hope he would do it, but he never did.

Have you ever researched your family tree?   What do you know about your family’s roots? 

I haven’t, personally, but my Gran has been doing that. I know that on my Mums side, we have a lot of Irish, but that’s nothing really that new. I mean my Grans Grandparents had the last name “Callaghan” I have been thinking of getting the DNA pack. I just need to get the money to do it first.

What’s your cure for hiccups?

I don’t honestly have one,lol…I think because it happens like once a year, so I forget what I did the last time. The funny thing is I can’t remember if not to breath or take deep breaths, works for me,lol

What makes you roll your eyes every time you hear it?  Either figuratively or literally?

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When someone continually proclaims something that they are not. For example, “I am totally a good guy” “I know everything” “I’m quiet but I observe everything” (They are neither). There is so much right now that makes me roll my eyes to be perfectly honest,lol…The shorter list would be what doesn’t make my eyes roll,lol


Share a gratitude or positive moment or experience from 2019 so far.

I am actually going to write about this in more detail later. Just the relief of feeling from not having any unnecessary drama lately. All my drama lately has been “real life” type drama. It’s not been that toxic drama, if that makes sense? No wondering if I’ve upset people over nothing, no more seeing messages and rolling my eyes because it’s a feeling of “What now”. By real life drama, I mean I can now focus on things like getting a more permanent job, rather than worrying about ‘adults’ who should know better.

It’s an amazing oddly relief feeling dealing with actual adult issues and dramas, rather than worrying about self-inflicted dramas. Instead of spending the day trying to convince someone whose broken up with their ex 5 or 6 times, then getting blamed for their ex’s behaviour *another roll eyes moment* and then trying to hurriedly write out a cover letter. I can now spend the day writing out the cover letter instead,lol. I’ve actually been getting a lot more interviews lately too, but don’t get the jobs because I’m always “second” in their choices. The other person, just has that little bit more experience.

Instead of having defend…again…someone saying that they’re “too busy” to attend that nights festivities, then go on Facebook all night. I don’t have to do that anymore, I can call it exactly how I see it. They are a bastards for dumping friends to impress their new friends. It’s so freeing!

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6 thoughts on “Share Your World, 7/1/19

  1. Cheers to a drama free life, my friend! When I saw your response to “That immediately makes your roll your eyes,” I couldn’t help but think “Everything that comes out of Trump’s mouth.” Ha ha. Which also fits with that you said, because ya know, he’s the best at absolutely everything! (Insert sarcasm)

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  2. I did not have chores as a child. My mother was a perfectionist so we weren’t even allowed to us the “designer” toilet tissue much less dust anything! But my brother got away with everything!! Eyes roll every time Trump opens his oddly small mouth.

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