Put Up or Shut Up!

Oh god, I am SO over entitled angry nerds!

For some reason, my partner decided to watch this guy who was rambling on about how the next Star Wars film had better make over $800 million and that the fans have warned them…Blah, blah, blah. Warned them…What?

Whatcha gonna do? Kill them? People are going to go and see these movies. They may not be as popular as the 70’s but you know what? So they shouldn’t be either! I think film makers are getting lazy these days.

But it just makes me angry that these angry nerds, do threats like that. Do they not even know how entitled they sound? I get not liking stuff, I don’t even really any of the newer Star Wars, but I wouldn’t go around saying “I’ve warned you”. If you think you can do better, than GO AND DO IT! Instead of whining from behind a screen, go and make a screen! … So to speak.

I literally had to ask my partner to turn it off, it sounded so whiny!

The world is starting to and definitely feels like it’s falling apart all around us and they are threatening film makers, because they wont go and do it themselves? At one point he was mad because he felt the last Directors (of course mainly angry at the female Directors *rolls eyes*) Rian Johnson and Kathleen Kennedy wont apologise…

…For what, exactly?

Just because you choose not like something, does not mean, angry little nerds, that you are then owed an apology? I certainly didn’t expect after the disaster that was Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith…I mean they made “Darth Vader” probably the most well known villain in movie History, a whiny teenager -.- Now THAT was a disaster!

Did I send hate though? No? Was I still able to tell people I didn’t like it? Yes…Did I still go to the other films…Yes =D

Star Wars No GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

So too all those angry nerds…Make this the year or either put up…or it’s time to shut up!


9 thoughts on “Put Up or Shut Up!

  1. I know a lot about this subject, because I’ve been following it for the past year, so I can clear things up for you, if you’d like. I’ll give you a bit of it here.

    One side of the anger toward Disney Lucasfilm comes from fans who don’t want Star Wars used as a vehicle for pushing third-wave feminist agendas. We’ve seen franchises taken over by people pushing their agendas, and what usually occurs is bad storytelling because writers are focused on pushing agendas rather than telling good stories (e.g., characters can behave in illogical ways simply because the agenda dictates the behavior). Yes, George Lucas messed up with the Prequels, but the weaknesses of those films can’t be traced to any movement trying to convince everyone that they’re right about everything. People generally see films as a form of escapist entertainment and would rather not have clear agendas shoved in their faces. It’s okay for writers to take a subtle approach to issues, but it should be done in a way that’s unobtrusive and allows the audience to make their own interpretation and judgment.

    For example, in A New Hope, when the bartender informs Luke that the droids aren’t welcome inside the facility, saying, “We don’t serve their kind around here,” that’s a subtle way of showing discrimination, and the audience is free to make their own judgments or just look past it, if they want. Compare that to a scene in Solo in which L3-37 is asked if she needs anything and she immediately responds, “Equal rights,” and you see how that becomes obtrusive to the story, especially since L3-37 was just sitting inside the Millennium Falcon, with no context for her responding in that way.

    Another problem the fans have is with the response from DL toward any complaints. Fans complained to George Lucas concerning the Prequels, and George stayed silent. It wasn’t that he didn’t care; it was just that Star Wars was his property, and he was free to do what he wanted with it. Fans were okay with that because George did his best, and fans recognized that George wasn’t the best when it came to writing, directing, or editing, and as bad as the Prequels are, George did deliver original content. Compare that to what’s come from DL so far. The Force Awakens is almost a direct copy of A New Hope. The Last Jedi copies a lot from the Original Trilogy, even going so far as to directly inform the audience that Crait is a salt planet, not an ice planet (like Hoth). The response from DL toward complaints by the fans concerning The Last Jedi’s lack of quality has been to attack the fans. Accusations of racism and sexism came from DL employees or media people writing articles in defense of DL. Fans were accused of running Kelly Marie Tran off social media, even though she didn’t blame the fans for anything when she finally spoke out about certain issues. Jon Boyega even tweeted to a fan, “We don’t care.” So, there’s a clear line that DL and its employees are drawing in the sand. Of course, fans look at DL President Kathleen Kennedy as the person who should take full responsibility for her employees’ behavior toward the fans. And really, from a business and public relations standpoint, the last thing anyone at DL should be doing is attacking or arguing with fans. They are the customers, and even when they complain and even if they’re saying something that we disagree with, they should be valued as the paying customers that they are and treated with that sort of respect. George Lucas was a master at this, and that’s part of the reason why Star Wars lasted for 35 years under his ownership: He didn’t openly disrespect the fans.

    Finally, Kathleen Kennedy is seen as a problem by a lot of Star Wars fans. While development on The Force Awakens went fine, and Rogue One was accepted well despite or because of the re-shoots it went through, The Last Jedi was reportedly made from the first draft of the script. Also, the original director of Episode IX, Colin Trevorrow, was fired, allegedly, because of his disagreement with Rian Johnson concerning The Last Jedi (Colin wanted Rian to keep Luke alive for Episode IX). Also, the original directors of Solo, Lord & Miller, were fired from that film because of alleged disagreements they had with writer Jon Kasdan and Kathleen Kennedy. In short, Kennedy was not only allowing a film to be made from the first draft, but she was hiring and firing directors at will, not showing that she was choosing her directors carefully and with full knowledge of what they wanted to do and how they worked. To be blunt, her ability to competently run DL is in question.

    Okay, I’m going to stop there because, frankly, I could write about the current Star Wars issues all day. My point in saying all of this is that there are valid reasons why some fans are upset with Disney Lucasfilm, Kathleen Kennedy, and other employees of DL. Yes, those fans can sound whiny at times; however, some fans do share their concerns logically and respectfully. What all angry fans want, though, is for DL to make good Star Wars films. It can be done. It’s just really upsetting when a film studio seems okay with pushing crap out the door simply because they know (or think they know) the name on the film means that it will automatically make a billion dollars at the worldwide box office. The message angry Star Wars fans want to get across to DL is that the customer matters and what the customer wants matters. “We don’t care,” is not how a company should respond to its customers. And really, DL has shown that it can please the fans. Everyone loved the Darth Vader scene at the end of Rogue One (I fully agree with what you said about how Vader was portrayed at the end of Revenge of the Sith), and fans are excited about the return of The Clone Wars animated show. Also, I don’t hear any complaints about The Mandalorian, which is a show headed up by Jon Favreau, someone fans have confidence in. There are things Star Wars fans complain about, but there are other things that fans are okay with. Ultimately, they just want to see another good Star Wars film. To me, that’s not too much to ask.


    1. Then THEY make it. That’s my point. What’s the point of getting really angry about something that they are not really going to do something about? Why is it okay for George Lucas to stay silent, but not anyone else? What is the point of attacking people, these people are not just saying they are angry about the film. They are making sexist, racist comments and quiet frankly it’s not good enough for a “film”. It’s not okay for it to be okay for George Lucas to be silent and not okay for KK. It’s not alright, it’s too much to ask for grown adults to be sensible when they don’t like something, rather than just attacking. I’m not going to listen to people making sexist, racist comments, but I will listen to constructive. If you don’t like, then DO something!

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      1. You can’t make a film if you don’t have the money or the rights or whatever you need to make a film. That’s why all fans can normally do is voice their displeasure (unless they want to make a fan film which will be extremely limited in terms of scope, acting, and special effects). And there’s nothing wrong with that. If you go to a restaurant and don’t like the food, it’s okay to say that you didn’t like the food. It’s okay for people to have opinions. I do agree with you that it’s not okay to make racist or sexist comments, but at the same time, it’s not okay for Disney Lucasfilm to attack the fans either. It’s not okay for anyone to attack anyone else. There’s a good video touching on this subject that I just saw this morning: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8dQacre3q8

        Anyway, yes, grown adults should be sensible when it comes to sharing their criticism, but it’s understandable that people who are in love with Star Wars can have such an emotional reaction to feeling as if what they love isn’t what it should be. It’s like when someone you love is making mistakes in their life, and you want to help. Sometimes, all you can do is voice your displeasure, and sometimes, that displeasure can seem like attacks or hatred to that other person. But really, you just love that person so much that you want to see them be the best they can be.


      1. If I’m a paying customer, then I deserve a good product. Personally, I never attacked anyone with racist or sexist remarks, and there are plenty of other Star Wars fans who never attacked anyone either. How is it fair that we get lumped in with those who aren’t behaving well? Why do we also deserve a bad product simply because others aren’t mature enough to voice their criticism responsibly?


  2. The choice of pic for this post was absolutely brilliant, and somehow this post has only just come to my attention!

    Not every critic of the new Star Wars films is sexist or racist (obviously), though some have certainly taken issues with Rey that Luke got a free pass on. Some certainly resented Kelly Marie Tran (because their view was she wasn’t pretty and therefore not sexually exploitable). I think some fans felt like they were owed something for being fans of the previous films, so they wanted the new films to cater exclusively to them. Yet they also wanted something different. I recall seeing a post somewhere that hilariously summed up how fans wanted both old and new.

    Were mistakes made with the Sequel Trilogy? Yeah, I think there were. However the filmmakers did the best they could, in the way they thought was right. They were never going to please everyone; there’d always be portions of the fandom who would moan like crazy they weren’t being catered to. I’ve seen the same set of arguments around the new Star Trek shows as well. The self-appointed gatekeepers need to take a step back.


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