Majority…Or not…

I got into a “discussion” with a distant relative about the Brexit debacle. I had said I didn’t understand why everyone was attacking Theresa May, she warned them, they were all warned and the Brexit Leaver Leaders have all now scarped, but she still is plugging on. My relative called her spineless and it’s what the UK majority voted for. Which is true, but it;s not what the majority want now and has it comes out, most didn’t even understand what they were even voting for.

Now they have a way out and my relative called her gutless for considering it. Not the people who lead the Brexit movement, but the one who said it shouldn’t be done. The majority don’t want it now. I think they literally thought that it wont be “Okay, bye”…None of them thought about the actual process. I doubt they knew what was going to be entailed. It doesn’t help that the people who wanted Brexit, made the plans and then ran when it got to hard.

Brexit regrets? – Washington Post

Where I was actually going with that though my relative STILL think he makes the majority. Even though there are articles everywhere saying that he is not. The overall turn out for the original was a 72.21 percent of the voting population. Considering how close the vote was Leave 51.89% and Remain 48.11% It wasn’t exactly a landslide victory either.

Yes, I can concede the fact that the majority of voters voted for Brexit. However, it’s like I said to him that everyone else is laughing at them and not because of Theresa May. We are not laughing at the UK because of Theresa May, we laughing for the same reasons we laugh at America. Despite the warnings, YES, the majority of Voters voted for Trump… Maybe… Well see where this Russian investigation goes. The UK find themselves in the exact same position as the US. They were warned and they listened to cult leaders, who don’t actually give a crap about the people. Where are all the Trump leaders now, most either quit or are in currently up for jail, or have been in jail. Where are all the Pro-Brexit leaders? They’re gone too!

Brexit Leaders “Leaving The Boat” BBC

4 thoughts on “Majority…Or not…

  1. It’s a mess. And we are a laughing stock. Countries completely split. No leadership. Self interest. The lunatics have some how found themselves in positions of power. Now which country am I talking about – the fact I can ask this question and it’s not entirely clear is the really scary thing.

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    1. I am so worried Australia is going to turn out like that too. We had a leadership spill, and even though no one wants Scott Morrison, the people in the Government put him there -.- He’s already doing Trumpesque type things, he’s putting a bill forward to protect religious discrimination, even though we already have a Discrimination Act. While ignoring a policy to protect LGBT students and teenagers.


  2. Yes Australia has appeared a reasonably well run country, few interesting PMs. But just getting some snippets in the news about your government starting to catch the spreading madness strain. Did raise an eyebrow at the recentt Senates vote on the “Anti White Racism” Bill.

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