The Heart Cries

I could not believe what I was seeing and reading.

These families being tear gassed, the pictures of those children crying.

I had to sign off on Twitter yesterday…All these MAGA “Christians” How can they SEE these pictures of children running from the tear gas and say such horrible things? HOW! I get the delusion…How can they say the children deserve this? The parents are using them for shields? They knew they were coming! How are the parents supposed to know they were going to get tear gassed! Who’d think America would do that?


5 thoughts on “The Heart Cries

  1. I do not like this road we are heading down! I’m praying for big changes in 2020! We NEED someone better! Please don’t think all Americans are like this. There are some good ones left! I’m enraged and horrified by it! My fellow Americans need to WAKE UP!!!

  2. Here’s hoping the gains Democrats made in the mid-terms lead to Trump’s actions finally receiving a push back. The Republicans are incapable of compassion at this point, they only value power.

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