Share Your World, Nov Wk2, 2018

Share Your World

Share Your World, November 12/11/18



What’s the most ironic thing you’ve ever witnessed?

I have to steal the “scissors” one. When you get a new pair of scissors, but then you need scissors to get into the scissors package. From an “Upturned Soul”

Let’s talk turkey.  Pro or con?   If pro, which part do you enjoy most?  Is it for Thanksgiving (American Style any way) only?

Since I’m Australian we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. However, we do celebrate Christmas and my cousin (whose a cook) makes the most amazing Turkey AND Ham…I have had a food coma every year so far,lol

If you’d like, share one thing you wish you’d said to someone else, but now you’ll never have the chance.

It’s not so much what I would have said, I just wish that I had walked away sooner. I feel like there was nothing more I could say. I had said all that I could, but I wish I had walked away.

What odd smell do you really enjoy?

I don’t know if this is “odd” but I really like the smell of an open fireplace. The only reason I think it’s odd to enjoy the smell is because, well, it’s fire and burning really, lol

Thankful November….share a story or time when someone did something really great for you.  Alternatively,  share your gratitude moments during this past week.

It was really nice having my baby brother down home this week. When we were little we were really close, then we got to high school. As we’ve gotten older we’ve become close again. It’s been really nice ❤

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