Women vs Women

Wife’s permanent punishment husbands infidelity

This is something I have never understood and don’t think that I will ever understand. I have always thought that women were harsher to each other than men can be. Even with the fact that men can over physically power us most of the time, it always women who seem to want to drag us down with the guys.

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I am a woman…I don’t do this…Whenever I’ve been cheated on I don’t blame the girl, I blame the guy I’m in a relationship in. I might get angry with the girl, except if she genuinely didn’t know he was my partner. I don’t blame her though. I blame him…I also don’t think cheating is the worse thing you can do to your partner. I think raping and abusing your partner is much worse, but as my own partner pointed out. One could consider that cheating is emotional or mental abuse.

That’s a different topic for a different day though.

Take Dr Ford of example, it didn’t shock what a lot of men were saying, but it was shocking what the women were saying. Mainly because it was so stupid what they were saying and as women, they should have known better.

The one thing they kept saying over and over again was that they Dr Ford was doing it for the fame. Except it is such a ludicrous statement because how many women, off of the top of your head, do you even know of, who have became famous or rich after making an accusation? I honestly could think of no one. Except for Dr Ford, but for more obvious reasons. Even saying that, I believe she is still in hiding.

So to say that people do this for the fame and the money, is just stupid. How many of them said they would never put their attacker through what Dr Ford was doing. Why? Even if you wouldn’t, doesn’t mean that Dr Ford can’t. She believes it was the right thing to do and personally I would as well.

Is it primal? Is that why women attack other women? Is that why instead of blaming the partner, they blame the other women? Have we not grown since the cave ages? My brain literally cannot get it.

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2 thoughts on “Women vs Women

  1. I must live under a rock bc i dont know who Dr. Ford is or what your referring to. Who is this person? What has happened to them?


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