Trumptar Logic 9 and “Fine People”

Liberals/Democrats chase Ted Cruz out of a restaurant

“Oh my Gawd, Liberals are SO violent…When have you ever seen a Republican do something so violent”


  1. Charlottesville…Heather Heyer…Fine People
  2. AMERICAN CHILDREN who have survived mass shootings are called soulless and bullied…By republicans and Trump supporters…Adults.
  3. A lot of the mass shooters have been Trump supporters. Snopes –Ā  Shooters instagram pictures have a maga hat?
    I do believe though that that these mass shooters already had entitlement issues to begin with.
  4. Republicans Leaders making their mistresses have abortions, or slipping them pills to have abortions…So Pro-Life. I thought abortions were killing children?
  5. Trump supporters and “Christians” threaten to kill a 12 year transgender girl. Oklahoma school close after adults threaten transgender student
  6. Nelba Marquez-Greene was attacked on Twitter by Scott Baio’s wife, Renee Baio. Nelba is the sweetest person you’ll ever find and whose daughters life was lost at Sandy Hook.
  7. There is a reporter called Laura Loomer…Who is probably the most racist person you’ll ever meet. Constantly slanders Muslim who are doing nothing. She got banned from Uber because she refused to take cars with Muslim. She banned me because she kept complaining how taxis were full of Muslims too, I told her to get her licence. This “reporter” has literally been chasing Democratic/Liberal leaders while they are at work.
  8. How often has Trump threaten other countries with nuclear war, or just War in general. If his demands aren’t met.
  9. Let alone the nasty comments made by Republicans about sexual assault victims.
  10. “Proud Boys”

I guess the quicker question is when you have ever heard of a Republicans NOT being violent? Or just generally a despicable human being?lol

Certainly, there are extremist on both…But to dismiss the violence is not okay. Some Republicans have been going around pretending that Heather Heyer never even happened. Too me, that’s the most disgusting thing of all.


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