I am…You are…Not alone <3

It’s been an interesting year for myself. I “lost” my best friends at the beginning of this year (if you have been paying attention) and my Mum said that “But, does this mean you haven’t got any friends?” Now, I’m going to admit at the time, it sounds harsh…and it kind of is (lol).

This is the thing though, I don’t feel alone anymore. With “best friends” like them, who needs best friends? I truly do not feel alone.

The biggest fear that I had and a large part of the reason I didn’t want to stop being friends with my ex friends was because I was frightened of being alone. The best thing they ever did for me was to start taking themselves out while accusing me of what they had done. It’s the the weirdest thing to explain to people. It’s all about hindsight.

You know how Facebook has those memories things? Where you look back a year to a few years back at posts you made on that day. They have been brilliant at revealing how everything I said and did, they made it about them.

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3 thoughts on “I am…You are…Not alone <3

  1. I’ve lost a good amount of friends too but honestly, I don’t feel bad about it because if our “friendship” depends on me always being the one to reach out, then it isn’t worth it. I do miss having people to go out with though so I’ve been using Bumble BFF and I actually like it.

    Also, if you ever don’t want to see those Facebook memories, you can block memories from certain dates and with certain people. Just a tip if those ever start to bother you 🙂

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    1. I absolutely know where your coming from. I have never heard of this Bumble BFF, but I just looked it up and I’ll give it a go =D

      I also did not know you could do that on Facebook. At the moment I’m alright with it, because hindsight and all that, but it might become annoying after a while. In ways of “How did I stay friends with these people for so long?”lol

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      1. Yeah! I’ve met a lot of great girls through it so I hope you have just as much luck.

        I get that. Sometimes it’s nice to have that reassurance when you don’t want to let go but you know it’s the right choice.

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