Heart of Thorns #1

heart of thorns

The Breakdown:

“Heart of Thorns” by Bree Barton is the first book in a series.

I’m not sure by starting if I should say that it’s an ancient world, or a possible future world. I know that in the Goodreads bio (follow me here) it does say an “ancient world” but I almost feel like it’s a possible futuristic possibility after years of evolution. It takes place in a rivertown that has slowly broken down over time with the death of their Queen.

We are introduced to Mia Rose as she in preparing to get married to the Kings son. Mia is is a free spirit, but worries about her younger sister. Although she wants to run away, she also wants to save her little sister, by marrying the young Prince, instead of her little sister. Mia’s mother was murdered by a Gwyrach, women who can manipulate flesh, bones, breath and blood. The same demons who killed Mia’s mother.

If you follow my Instagram account, you’ll know that I had a hard time finishing the book because I was loving it so much!


I was lucky enough to get this book in the “FairyLoot” Loot boxes, and I was so impressed just be the cover alone! The people who managed to get this box will also know though that the pages were sprayed with red. They were so gorgeous! I was instantly in love before I even started reading.

I think when you are reading a book, you don’t want to finish and you want to know when the next part in the trilogy is coming. I find these to very good signs. That’s what has happened with this book.

This book took me away and apart from maybe Circe. I haven’t read too many books this year, where I have felt like that. The writing was superb and I cant even remember thinking that “Oh no, this grammar is all wrong” or “That’s the wrong word…Again”. I read the whole thing without being interrupted. The characters, you love all the character you are supposed to, sympathise with the ones who are supposed and hate the ones that you are supposed to hate.

Even the twists for a couple of the characters, though I sort of saw them coming. I don’t think it interrupted the flow of the book at all. It kept the story going. As one has to remember this is a trilogy. I suspect that a lot more is going to be happening and it also means that it didn’t feel drawn out, by revealing something we had already guessed.


That it has to end! Although it took me a while to finish because I didn’t want it to end, because then you have to wait for the next book!


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