Trumptar Logic 8

I just want to start out by saying, after reporting her tweets for harassment (I don’t think that’ll go anywhere…I have now blocked…She is HORRENDOUS)

What I noticed though is that all her Tweets are talking about how Dr Ford pretty much deserved to be rape because she was drinking and she slept around a lot and didn’t report it at the time. The even MORE illogical thing though. The amount of women who say that they got attacked and did tell someone, but not the police. The ones who do have pictures of people are all at parties, half of them have drink in their hands.

How can they NOT see, what they are doing to themselves?

*My Positive Spin*

At least I’ve blocked her now,lol.

It’s like my post from earlier today. Most of her comments are all about “let’s antagonise the *Libtards*, because it’s so easy to do so”. How about instead of starting a conversation with lets upset the Libtards. How about you start listening to what they are saying?!

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