The Mystery!

I’m positively sure that you’ll be intrigued!

8 Most Intriguing Disappearances History

Breaking down the list, they article talks about:

  1. The Roanoke Colony
  2. The Crew of the Mary Celeste
  3. Benjamin Bathurst
  4. Ambrose Bierce
  5. Percy Harrison Fawcett
  6. Jimmy Hoffa
  7. Harry Holt
  8. Lord Lucan

Who doesn’t love a good real lie mystery? Except if it involves yourselves or loved one. Personally the Mary Celeste has always creep me out, because there just seemed to be no reason at all…Kind of like the rest,lol.

What is a good real life mystery you’ve heard of? Have you heard of any of the Mysteries listed?

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2 thoughts on “The Mystery!

  1. Nice post dear, I us to read about all different kinds of mysteries like Amelia Airheart, Flight 57, lockness monster, big foot, Atlantic and Pompay, if it was a real life mystery I’ve probably read about it at some time or another during my life.


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