Absolutely Positive

I think this week I should post more positively this week.

Means less time on Twitter…I swear my hatred and “ranting” on Twitter is becoming as obsessive on there as it was on Facebook. So I have to stop doing that so much.  It’s more now that anyone who is a Trump supporters is a lost cause, but sometimes there’s just no common sense with any of them. It’s so frustrating,lol…When I’m watching #safarilive I am only going to comment on those Twitter posts during those times too.



3 thoughts on “Absolutely Positive

  1. It is frustrating!! I have had to step back & tell myself that other people’s beliefs have no affect on my life, and I need to not let it control my emotions. I have taken a bit of a hiatus from Facebook because it seems that the majority of people I follow on there are right winged, and until this whole Kavanaugh case blows over, I just can’t stand to see they’re idiotic comments!! People put too much stock into their parties rather than looking at the actual man & his beliefs! If trump was a democrat I guarantee, republicans would call him a moron!! People don’t learn facts, people don’t research, they just believe whatever they hear and see. “Well it was on the news, so it must be true!” I can only deal with so much stupidity! Lol…I feel your pain, girl!!

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    1. I think what frustrates myself a lot, is it shouldn’t even have gotten this far. From the moment he didn’t have a large amount of his records released. When he got caught committing perjury. His nomination should have been struck off then, but because the GOP wanted to “push through”, here we are. None of them acknowledge any of it either =/


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