Let’s break it down…again…

I feel like every single time there is a huge sexual assault case. All the “I don’t believe her, she waited too long”. Every single time we have to explain it all over again. Why people don’t report.

I have to say though it is amazing how Republican women will claim they were assaulted and they went straight to their Mothers. Yet, that’s not their problem. They keeps saying why didn’t she go to the police. Not one of the has said that they went to the police or the FBI either! So whose to say that there story is true? Isn’t that their whole problem?

Anyways, I digress…

Hopefully you have all been seeing the hashtags on Twitter or Instagram … #whyIdidntreport

If you have seen this hashtag, I hope you have read the courageous tales of both women AND men…On the various reasons of why they didn’t report.

  • They were terrifed
  • They knew the person and were in shock
  • The person was in a position of power.
  • They let someone know, but they were not believed or told not cause a “scene”.
  • They were threatened.

Please understand that while at the same time it is complicated and it’s also not. It’s a story.



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