Please don’t…

This was something that I was thinking about in the shower. It still does make me angry that my ex best friends would come onto my profile whenever I’d talk about a song or an artist I’d relate too and they’d call it lame or stupid.

Don’t do that…Just don’t.

A lot of the reasons that someone likes an artist or likes a movie, or likes a style of art. Is because, to them, that represents who they are. It was always amazing too me how they’d get so upset when someone would put down something they like. Yet, they had no problems calling other people’s interests “lame”.

Understand that when you do this, you ARE putting down a part of that person. Especially if they are literally saying that they can relate. You are putting down a part of that person. If you don’t like it when others do it to you, I don’t know why someone would think it’d be alright to do it to others? We were told that we were not allowed to watch Mel Brooks films because he had made joke about Michael Jackson. Yet my “best friend” was allowed to come onto my profile and tell me what I like…was lame?

Uploaded by: Delta Goodrem

Published on 7 Aug 2015


4 thoughts on “Please don’t…

  1. I’ve never understood this! Why can’t people embrace other people’s differences? It’s great when we find people we have things in common with, just like you & I!! We’re a lot a like it seems, but I’m sure we have different taste & opinions. That’s okay too! Just because something something isn’t my cup of tea doesn’t mean I should berate you for it. If you’re my friend (which you are,) I’m glad you’ve found something that brings you comfort & joy, even if I don’t understand it!! It makes you who you are, & personally, I think you’re awesome!!! They’re the ones who are missing out! Truly!!

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  2. Being hateful to other people because they don’t like the same things as you is very lame, if we all we’re the same the world would be a lame place to live, it’s are defferences that make this world a interesting place to live.


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