My Weenies <3

I don’t even know how to start this one, so I’m just going to head on in it.

Do you have two different meanings for one word? I do…I think.

The Golden Girls Weenie GIF by TV Land Classic - Find & Share on GIPHY

Mine is “Weenie”

I have two meanings when it comes to Weenie…This first is calling someone a weenie and it’s because they’re silly or “stupid”, but not necessarily evil. I guess like the Rose gif at the top there. Generally though, I don’t actually like them, and I like Rose. As I generally don’t like to be mean, I feel like weenie s a more affectionate term to call someone I don’t like very much. A good example used to be Trump, now he is a big weenie! However, as time as gone on, he’s gotten worse.

The other way I mean weenie as well though, is when I like someone, but I can’t say that I do for whatever reasons. So although, I do like them, I can’t admit too it, so I call them “my weenies” so it throws people off the scent.

So one is full of…well..weenies…and the other is full of fake weenies…

Do any of you have words like that?




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