What is with that?

This past July I made a few posts asking others to donate towards the Australian Cause “Dry July”. My target amount just $500.00…I thought that this was going to be such an easy target to meet.

I was very wrong…

I had just assumed that the dollars I had given to other people would be reciprocated. Who doesn’t want to cure help towards getting rid of Cancer and helping make life easier for those who suffer from it.

I was very wrong…

Yet, the cheek of it is…They keep asking me to donate to their things still?

Despicable Me Agnes GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Why do people do that? It’s like those people who never turn up to anybody elses’s things, but then complain when others wont help them out? Except, of course, in cases of sicknesses. I had a friend who used to do that and she didn’t suffer from anxiety or anything, just never could be bothered. Then complained when people wouldn’t show up to her things? Like, of course they’re not. (She’s not even a nice person to begin with).

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