This is where we’re at?

So lemme get this straight…Trump can do and say things like this

He’s also been charged with how many counts of sexual assault?

Including “hiring” Stormy Daniels to begin with…Somehow when the Republicans call Stormy a “whore”…Who paid for her services again when the new wife and baby were next door? No one made Trump do that. If you don’t want to get caught with a “whore”…Maybe don’t hire one? Just an idea.

But Stormy Daniels can’t allow someone to touch her?

Yeah, that doesn’t sound suspicious at all!

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5 thoughts on “This is where we’re at?

      1. I don’t pay any attention to him because my blood just boils with his insanity.
        All we can hope is that in two years time he gets kicked out. It else we’re looking at six more years of this.

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