“Normal” – Trigger Warning

I’ve been wondering how to write this without feeling like I’m ignoring people’s problems. Oh! I will be talking about the recent suicides that have been occurring in the world of Hollywood…

I personally haven’t been reading too much into. I try to skip pass the articles if I can. At the moment, although I am not suicidal. Ever since I’ve had my anxiety attack, I’ve been finding that I am more…I guess,paranoid, about my health. If I hear something, I am convinced that I’ve got it.

The frustrating thing I am actually starting to feel “normal” again…Changed, but normal and feeling more like myself only very recently.  The funny thing was I only started to realise it a couple of days ago. I was just doing your average things and I realise how I hadn’t felt for a little while, it’s kind of starting to be forgotten about. Although I doubt it’ll truly be ever “forgotten”.

I just don’t like hearing about other people’s suicide. I’m here to help stop that, but I’m still having trouble with hearing about it, especially when it is just EVERYWHERE! It’s like every second article or statement is about one of them.


3 thoughts on ““Normal” – Trigger Warning

  1. I’m happy that you’re feeling “normal” again. Having anxiety makes you feel like you’re broken. I truly hate it and I hate that anyone else has to go through it too.

    Hearing about the suicides is so hard. Last week was difficult and personally put me in a not so good place. You hear of them and it’s sad, because you know how they feel or perhaps at least a little bit of what they might have been doing through. I try not to read up on it too much, but it is EVERYWHERE at the moment.

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    1. It’s kind of funny, I wrote this and I’ve been avoiding it. So I hope it seemed finished!lol…I’m in the same place you are, I’m trying to avoid it, because it was not putting me in a good place either. I’m actually seeing my Doctor today, seeing if I can my anxiety tablets lowered. I have a feeling it’s to do with those as well.

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