American…Something needs to happen! You need to take to the streets! You need to #takeaknee

This is hurting my head and my heart…There should not be a single adult who should be alright with this, or dismiss it.

The Federal Government lost 1,475 Immigrant Children

I want to kick him straight in the face…Straight…Bang…In the face


One thought on “#WhereAreTheChildren?

  1. I’m just going to paste something that I posted on Facebook with some tips on how to help:

    You know how when you studied the Holocaust and WWII, you thought to yourself: “I would never let that happen”? Or you learned about slavery and thought “How could those people be so cruel?”

    Ripping one-year-olds out of their mothers’ arms to be placed in detention centers or to be LOST is something that happened in the Holocaust and during slavery.

    And it’s something that is happening now, in our country, in real life.

    In fact, prying children away from parents is, as of this administration, U.S. policy.

    I’ve been asking myself, “who am I if I don’t actively fight for these children”? If reading has taught me anything, it’s that you are only better than a Nazi if you GO OUT OF YOUR WAY TO NOT BE A NAZI.

    Donations to the legal workers on the front lines? Awesome. (https://momastery.com/…/emergency-love-flash-mob-for-the-c…/)

    Calling your Congress People? Fantastic. (https://momastery.com/blog/2018/05/30/lawmakers/)

    It’s small, but it’s something. There’s nothing wrong with starting small. There’s something EVIL about not starting at all.

    My representatives are Rep. Steny Hoyer 202-225-4131– (he represents all of Charles, St. Mary’s, and Calvert counties, as well as portions of Prince George’s and Anne Arundel counties), Sen. Chris Van Hollen (reps entire state; 202-224-4654), and Sen. Ben Cardin (202-224-4524; reps entire state; unfortunately couldn’t leave VM).

    Here’s the script I used for Van Hollen:

    I am a voter and constituent of Senator Van Hollen. I am calling to thank him for his support of DACA and other immigration policies that are important to me.
    I am also calling to voice my utter disgust about the terror of family separation at the Border, in which children as young as one year old are being ripped out of their mothers’ arms.

    I expect Senator Van Hollen to take clear and decisive action to stop this abhorrent practice. Please introduce legislation that will protect families crossing the border from being torn apart, even if they are still subject to civil liability for the unauthorized crossing.

    I will be watching Senator Van Hollen’s votes and actions closely going forward. And will be organizing in our district either for or against Senator Van Hollen depending on his actions in these matters.


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