I think that I may have mentioned this before. I just feel though I wanted to reiterate. I’ve been so lucky with my birthday recently. I really do feel like taking out toxic people made a very big difference for my birthday this year. Usually my closest ex-friends, let me down. Not only that though I wanted to catch up with people because I’m trying to get more social again. It’s working too =D

Sometimes we just see an article, a song, a quote and it “clicks” and it all makes total sense. Your behaviour, someone else’s.

Have you ever come across something, a quote, a song, article, etc? That just clicked with you? Care to share?


4 thoughts on “Clicks

  1. THIS!!! I’m so sorry you’ve felt the sting of betrayal from people you thought were your friends. I had a very “close” friend since middle school. After my mom died she didn’t so much as text me, not once, to see if I was okay. She got married and didn’t invite me to her wedding. I did nothing to her, I have no idea why she decided to cut ties with me. The only thing that I can think of was that I was so depressed after my mom died that I wasn’t there for her 100% like I had been in the past, but where was she when I really needed a friend? I learned very quickly that she was never truly my friend. She kept me around because I was convenient. Once that convenience went away, so did she. But hey, she was toxic, and it’s okay, because this time the trash took itself out, so to speak. Ha ha!

    I have a lot of songs that just clicked with me, but the latest is “Supermarket Flowers” by Ed Sheeran. This song brought me some very deep, much needed healing!

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    1. Oh dear, your sounds way worse than my ex-friends! At least I kind of know what they’re problem is.
      That is terrible of your friend! You know what though? I think my ex-friends would have the same attitude. If my Mother died and I wasn’t still making everything about them. It’s just the kind of people they are.
      Whenever I lose someone not through death or other. Like a breakup or the ending of a friendship. I like listening to Michelle Branchs “Goodbye to you”. It’s an oldie but a goodie!

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