4 thoughts on “To be young again

  1. Don’t let the judgement of others prevent you from doing anything that brings you happiness. It’s a hard lesson to learn, and I struggle with this too, but I’ve been working on breaking out of my shell. I have toys on my desk (Funko Pops & a Happy Meal Snoopy) at work! I have found that my nerdiness, quirkiness, and weirdness are what makes me, well me, and some people love it, & others think it’s too weird, and you know what, that’s okay, because I probably wouldn’t have wanted to associate with those people anyway! lol. One of my very good friends is almost 30 and she collects American Girl Dolls, and still reads the books! So embrace your inner child! Let her come out to play. Live is too short to not be happy!

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