I think I figured it out…

It’s not a gun problem, a mental health problem…

I honestly think the problem with American and it’s gun, is that it’s a completely self-entitlement problem.

You have a country that it’s entire background is based on purely a self-freedom.

Whenever I’ve ever gotten into a “discussion” (it’s hard to have a grown up discussion with people who are “gun nutty”) everything that they say is about themselves, it’s never about the people who got shot. “Their” rights,”their” freedoms”, you trying to take away “their” toys…ME, ME, ME…

You look at people like the Kardashians for example. They are a fantastic example of self entitlement. They have literally become “famous” and rich off of selfies and themselves…Is it really impressive though? That the Kardashians can play a country that are completely self obsessed with self anyways?

Or when people say “All Lives Matter”…well duh, but right now we are focusing on the Black Lives Matter because at the moment we are focusing on why are they getting unjustly shot in the streets…Can they just focus on that for like two seconds? I’m sure if they actually focused on BLM for more than a second rather than getting all knee jerky, they’d actually SEE the problem.

Now saying all this, clearly not ALL Americans are like this…In fact, I’d say the majority of Americans ARE about others, and not about ego. However, the problem is the people in power are all about “ME, ME, ME”

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3 thoughts on “I think I figured it out…

  1. In 1953 the country was sold by the Federal government on uniform education. It convinced the States to follow along by using the face of a social worker. When she realized it was an Uncle Tom effort and resigned she was replaced by Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller, a family member of one of the largest international banking families. Regarding his assignment as the new Secretary of the Department of Education he told the press, “Give me one generation and I will change the minds therefore the direction of this country.” He did that through truancy, and he did it by “dumbing” down the people. This dumbing down has infiltrated the public and private schools, and through media (first through television) the general population was manipulated into sound bite thinking that made way to an instant gratification mentality that prevails today. Throughout the majority of my life I have bucked the system to constantly be disheartened by the baby boomers who have been my peers. Their complacency has been a huge disappointment because of their own assertion of their right to not be bothered. They were spoon fed crap like Cabbage Patch Dolls and Smiley Face Cups and they were happy with that. Totally sickening. Now what is heartbreaking is to have lived history to find young people stuck trying to find their way through the murk and the mire among the likes of the Kardashians, the vaccinations, and the confusions about whether they are even a man or a woman. As a baby boomer I take full responsibility for this and can only say to you and to your generation that I have taken the blows, been punched out for most of my life, for fighting against the system that seems to be bent on taking all of us and the futures into hell. Thank you for your expose. Quite frankly, I think it is beautifully written, and in many ways its spot on. And I want you to know, also, that people around me are not going to shuck and jive this situation away. My best friend Schaeffer Cox is in the CIA CMU where he has been put away for thinking about the futures. We take it seriously. That’s why I wanted to say it isn’t about the guns, and it IS about freedom. Its about freedom from bullies who took over the educational system in 1953 with the intention of turning our futures into their own personal profits and then dispose of us when they have finished with us. It is not gun owners thinking we are entitled. If you check my blog today you will see that I’ve said the problem in a nut shell and trying to fix it I’m afraid will be a fight. Because they don’t want to change, and they are coming for us. It isn’t the other way around. That is what I wanted to say. The shooter in Florida was defending himself probably in the only way he knew how to after all other remedies failed. Its already known he called the “authorities” on himself crying for help and they didn’t do jack anymore than the school, parents, police did jack about the bullying my great nephew was dealing with. In the cowboy days the bully would have been dropped in the street by Sheriff Matt Dillon. And our Sheriff are supposed to be protecting us, but they are not because they are what the cowboys would call yellow bellied cowards. Our men have turned into yellow bellied cowards, and that’s destroying the world. Now its up to us women. I call this the year of the Matriarch. I’ll never get credit for that because there’s always an Ivy League or a university major who will. But that’s okay. It is what it is, and this is going to be the year of the matriarchs. No competition, just get ‘er done. Thank you again for sharing.


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