Personally…I am just over the Kardashians


I used to like Khloe the best…Now I think she doesn’t stick to her word. She used to be for not wearing fur. After one incident with a small group of people, she decided she doesn’t like them, so she’s going to start wearing fur again…I call bullshit!

Then I started liking Kendall best, especially since both her and I suffer from anxiety. She just NEVER gives credit to anybody!

I have NEVER liked Kim…I think her being called a “Bully” is exactly what she is. I thought it was SO petty what she was doing with the perfume, especially since she’s just had a baby…Surely she has better things to do?

Kourtney and Kylie I’ve got no real issues with…I actually really respect and like what Kylie did with, regarding her pregnancy.

5 thoughts on “Personally…I am just over the Kardashians

  1. Same here.
    Kim is always trying to steal the limelight from her family. And, Kanye is well he is Kanye – a narcissist through and through.
    I also hate Kim for what she did with Taylor, it was very low even for Kim and what with all the semi/fully naked selfies on social handles preaching body positivity? A complete meh! because we all know pretty damn well that those selfies are only intended for attention and publicity nothing else!😒
    I like Kylie’ style a lot and so far, it seems like she has genuinely tried to distance herself from the drama as she did not completely try to cash in her pregnancy.

    I just don’t find Kendall any special. She looks good – great even! But then it’s just that about her, pretty uninteresting.

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    1. I think that’s why I liked Kendall, because she didn’t seem as bad Kim,lol
      I don’t even get the photos anymore, I think she thinks they’re still shocking. I’m just sitting there going “It’s been done”lol…If she was doing body painting at the same time, that would be cool!


  2. Kourtney has probably always been my favorite, especially since she has become a mom. I like how she is the most grounded and cares more about being there for her kids than she does about really petty and superficial nonsense.

    I like Kylie a little better now since she choose to kind of keep her pregnancy private. I think that’s awesome that she did that.

    I’ve never had feelings about Kendall. She seems ok for the most part. It’s that she has a successful modeling career?

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    1. I have always found Kourtney to be more the voice of “reason”. I remember one time Khloe and Kim were discussing how Rob wasn’t talking to them again and saying how stupid he is…Kourtney piped up “Yeah, this is why he doesn’t want to talk to you two”lol

      I think I liked because Kendale because she just wasn’t as bad as her sisters,lol

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