Australia Day thoughts

Glenelg was goooooorgeous and not busy on Australia Day, I think because of the heat…I am so happy that I went and took it back =D If you go there please try the frozen yogurt at Fruizberry It’s freaking amazing! It was such a lovely day and I am very glad that I went through and stayed overnight with my partner. It was such a lovely day for us.
“For those who’ve come across the seas, We’ve boundless plains to share”

However, my friend of colours experienced racism…and quiet frankly, Australia…IT IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

It’s a big reason why I think the date needs to change or we need to make Australia more multi-cultural. I mean it’s the day where immigrants become Australians…These white people’s families were immigrants too once and would need to have applied for Australian Citizenship. It’s all been shocking how little these people who think we should keep the day the same day. Know very little about Australia and it’s History and know very little how long Australia Day has actually been an National Public Holiday.



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