Girls Nights In

I am appreciated all opinions on this matter!

All of last year I wanted to do a Girls Night In, and I have even found a few ideas that I would love to do when the time happens. By night in, I do mean having a bunch of girls come over to my house (or my partners). One thing I would like to know though.

What season is a better time to have a “Girls Night In”…Summer or Winter? 

6 thoughts on “Girls Nights In

  1. I am biased towards. The reason being is that, I’m from India & the summer heat becomes unbearable for us over here but somehow winter is bearable, haha! Probably because we can always protect ourselves from the chill. How about the climate at your place? Is winter unforgivably cold?

    For a girls night in…
    Hot cocoa, a funny movie, oversized sweaters and fire seems exciting!

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