*face palm* What stupidity!

I love being Australian, I honestly do…Every know and then someone does something and the stupidity…I can’t get over the stupidity! Their friends defending the stupidity! Explains a lot really…But still…What kind of idiots still think this is okay? They need to be fired! They clearly have no appreciation for culture and it is extremely easy to replace a blonde model…I hear that agencies are full of them!

Most Australians know this is not okay! Please believe me! I just can’t get over the stupidity of it all! Australians know it’s not alright for anyone to do Black Face!

“No Role Model”…Australia models poses blackface: Venus and Serena Williams

Who in this age and day doesn’t know this is not okay?!!!! They give a whole new world to the stereotype of models have no brains. Even the blackface, they STILL don’t even look like the Williams sisters. They just look idiotic and the “bitches” comments…What stupidity!  Why couldn’t they have been any of the numerous white tennis female players…Blonde at that too! There was NO reason to do this!


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