The Christmas Spirit

So these last two weeks of 2017 (can you believe it!) I am going to try and keep myself and all of my posts as positive as I can. I like to go into a New Year with a positive outlook. This may mean though restricting my time on social media…It just has gotten too vile and nasty…I cannot take it Captain…There’ll be one positive story and then 11 ugly ones.

It’s been a pretty cruddy year for myself and I am only starting to feel better now. Even so, I keep having off days. I keep having at least one night as week where I don’t fall asleep until 4am…and I love my sleep! Sleeping Beauty is one of my top 5 favourite Princesses because of it! I am looking into natural ways to help me sleep, I don’t feel I need a prescription, just that little something “extra”.


This is honestly feels like how it’s been in my brain…all year!



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