Life Lessons

52. Life Lessons learnt this year

Well this is definitely no small topic! It’d be easier to write about what I haven’t learnt this year!

  • It’s during the hard time that you truly do find out who loves you and who your friends are.
  • Read something that makes you feel uncomfortable, but makes you understand more.
  • I think we need to start taking our health more seriously. Even when we’re young, we do take a lot of it for granted.
  • Have an extra circular hobby! There’s nothing like being sick and not being able to get out and having nothing to do. Nothing to concentrate on when you are stuck inside!
  • When you are feeling blue…Watch a comedy! Don’t listen to anything sad or miserable. Watch something that really makes you laugh.
  • If you don’t sleep well it can really screw up your day…Ever since I started taking my anxiety medication, I have been having real trouble falling asleep.
  • Although this may sound very depressing. Learn to take care of yourself, with the real important things. Don’t rely on others too help you.



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