November Goals…Too Tick or not too ticks?

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  • Handcraft Christmas Cards for at least family and immediate friends, to then be posted on Card Day in December (9th of December)

I have got all the materials all together and I am currently in the process of making them. I will take some photos of them to share with you all!

  • By mid-November I will have determined who I have presents for and what I have left to get.

Yes! I went through my box of Christmas presents and determined how many presents I have for who and how many. From there I know who I’ve got left and luckily with the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, I was able to get a couple more. I’m at least 3/4 quarters done, which is good!

  • I am currently reading Cassandra Clare’s “Lady Midnight” The Dark Artifices, Book one and then write a review about it…Good or Bad…I’ve been wanting to start reading this series for a long time and I finally got my hands on the first book.

This has been done! You can view my review for it here

2 thoughts on “November Goals…Too Tick or not too ticks?

  1. Glad you did so well with your goals this past month! I made a dent in my holiday shopping as well, but still have a couple gifts to get (sadly for the people I always have the hardest time with)

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