Lions and why Republicans seems to like this picture?

There is one picture that I’ve noticed on a lot of Repbulicans,  MAGA type profiles…It’s this one:

Asian Lions.png

I’ve seen it a few times and I think I’ve seen one with a more African setting behind. Now these are Asiatic Lion…They’re bit fluffier, so there are such things of Lions…apart from actual snow leopards…being in the snow. These lions are usually found in India……See how they are just walking towards the cameras, not running, the camera is at ground level…Almost like they are expecting something good…like food to be thrown to them?

Now these above Lions are not canned lions they are actually from a conservation park. I do find it interesting though a lot of Republicans use this particular picture. The Lions are feed and they don’t have to “hunt”…Maybe it is an appropriate picture for them?lol…While I love that the Lions are protected from people like Republicans and Hunters in general, I think it’s an interesting picture they keep using this one. There are so many other pictures out there, they don’t include a group of Lions basically being “kept”.

Pictured: Lion pride gets a chilly awakening as temperatures plunge below zero across the UK. 

Canned lions are usually breed in captivity for one of two reasons, to be shot and killed for trophy hunters or just for entertainment…Like circuses. Some of these Lions are eventually rescued.

There is a famous video that shows a massive group of lions:

Sad, isn’t it? The above video is real and it’s of a sanctuary park somewhere in China.

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