October Goals

October Goals

So after I managed to hit a couple of my September goals and some not as much as I would like to. It’s been an interesting month! I have decided that I am going to keep this up. I think writing goals down and sending it out into the public, make me feel more of a responsibility to meet these goals. It’s not like I can make a goal for myself and then if I don’t meet it, I’m the only one who knows about it.

  • I am going to get rid of some of my dresses, since I didn’t get around to it last time.
  • Getting rid of 4 summer tops. I bought all these summer tops for one place of work and one month later we got a uniform. A couple of years later and my new job doesn’t have a uniform. The tops I originally bought don’t fit anymore.
  • I currently don’t have any books to read. Last month I read one at my house and one at my partners house. I will continue this and then write a review about one of them.
  • Organise a Girls Night “In”.
  • Buy a little personal fan to take on a bus and see if that helps me travel on the busses here.


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