The Swag

I found something completely amazing for all the single people.

SingleSwag – Home

Oh my goodness it has so amazing things in it as well. It’s one of those box things that seem to be huge these days. Where you pay a certain amount of month, either as a one off or a subscription, depending on what you want. Then once a month you get a box full of goodies, and they are usually pretty good.

I happened to find the Single Swag through a blog that I used to read a lot, but stopped reading after the writer seemed to almost attack their readers. This was because she had just finally decided to break away from her ex…finally…and then he was nice to her nice, just the once, and she wanted to go back. A lot of people were asking “Why, why would you do that” and I think she felt kind of attacked by it (even though I wanted to know why as well).

I decided to see where she was at as I went to delete a lot of things from my computer and I must have saved a blog of hers, because I went back and found it again. Much better than before and that’s how I found “single swag”. The Single Woman Blog – Not Gonna Happen

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