Goals – September

Here we have it, my very first monthly goals…September version!

Let’s see how this goes!

  1. I will write at one least one Blog post under my Category “Single in a small city”. I always have trouble with this category.
  2. There are two books that I am reading at the same time…I will get through at least half of both of them and finish off at least one. The one that I finish I will write a review in October (can you believe one month from now it’ll be October!) for it. (Please see what I”m reading with my Goodreads profile)
  3. Go through my dresses and get rid of at least 3-5 of them.
  4. Head out to a movie and dinner with my partner. This is always an issue for me because of my anxiety issues. I tend to do better when we see a movie I actually want to see.
  5. Not take Panadol (Ibuprofen) for one of the long trips and start taking my new natural medicine instead.
  6. I am going to start meditating at least twice a week.
  7. I also want to buy a daily planner. My plan is to get one of these this week!
  8. I need to also work out a “planned” week off from all works that I go too. I need it!

I hope that I haven’t made to many goals! I’m kind of excited,lol

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